Lion Rangers

The Lion Ranger program goal is the long-term sustainable management of human-lion conflict by communities in Kunene to ensure continued desert-adapted lion survival and community benefit. The number one threat to Kunene lions is retaliation following human-lion conflict – the Lion Ranger program aims to remove this threat.

To be sustainable, wildlife conservation must be community-driven, transparent, and resilient to both ongoing and unforeseen challenges. The Lion Ranger program believes that lions and rural residents can thrive alongside one another. Protecting Africa’s disappearing lions means ensuring that rural people struggling against poverty and development challenges are able to generate benefits from living with lions.

The program is founded upon four pillars: Supporting Farmers; Conserving Lions; Developing Skills; and Reducing Conflict.  These pillars support and are realized through three, inter-related, types of operations: field-based, community-based, and organizational.

In 2018, the Lion Ranger program, working in partnership with IRDNC, the Namibia Ministry of Environment and Tourism, and Desert Lion Conservation, is commencing operations in three communal conservancies – Anabeb, Puros, and Sesfontein – in northwest Namibia.

You can view the Lion Ranger Program Outline (Policy Document) here.

Meet two of our Rangers:

Berthus Tjipombo


Linus Mbomboro

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